Announcing Team Mt. Shredward

Now that I’ve had an impressive 82 different people visit Mt. Shredward, I think it’s about time I started a mountain biking team. Yes, Team Mt. Shredward is looking for team members. Someday we will have jerseys. We will have members all over the country. It will be so cool. We will take pictures standing by our bikes. We will ride often, alone, or together, or whatever. We will ride. We will ride hard. Or maybe leisurely. We will ride and we will love it.

One thing TMS will never do, however, is race.

As the captain of TMS, the one morals clause I will put in the TMS rulebook—the one mandate—is that no team member have any desire to ever enter a race. I will enforce this rule. You race, you’re gone.

As a guy who has shown a pretty high level of obsession with mountain biking as well as above average capabilities on a bike, I’ve had various riding friends say, “You should race.” And I think, “I shouldn’t race.” That’s not to say I’m not competitive. I am. I hate it when I’m not the first one up a tough climb. It bothers me. I don’t like it when I’m not able to clean a technical stretch, especially when someone else in the group does.

I wrestled in high school. I was on a summer swim league for years. I ran track through JuCo. Oh yeah, I was a collegiate athlete. So, I know and have enjoyed racing and trying to pin dudes.

But those days are behind me. I like my competitions short these days. Just the thought of being in a race…no thanks.

So, TMS will be a non-racing race team. It will be the greatest racing team ever because we will have a great time on our bikes, every time out, and because no one on the team will ever lose a race, ever. Undefeated, baby.

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