Exciting news! Shredward is now on Twit…oh who gives a fuck.

Hello to my faithful reader. In an attempt to better stay in touch with you and let you know what’s going on, I’ve just added a twitter account. I’ll toss out the occasional tweet. Not sure what I’d tweet about at this time. Not sure why you’d care, but I’ll try to make them worthwhile. Hmmm. What kind of stuff should I tweet about? I can post some photos from the amazingly beautiful rides I get to do in the bay area. That’s a natural. We have ocean views. We have redwoods. All kinds of good shit. Maybe I can tweet about my recovery after I eat shit. But then again, I don’t crash that much. I’m kind of a pussy. I would tweet about how I do in races, but Team Shredward is against racing. Wow, maybe I shouldn’t have started a twitter account. But I’ll give it a shot. Click on the button on the right to start following me.

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