Mt. Shredward has a new house. Now it’s time to make it a home.

Hello. Finally, and by that I mean, fucking finally, I’ve got all my content ported from my old host at squarespace, over to wordpress, so it’s all here, available for your consumption. I’m really happy about that. But there’s still a big problem. The default wordpress theme, 20-eleven, or 7-11 or whatever the hell it’s called is laaaaaaaame. The colors are laaaaaaaame. The overall feel is just not what I’m looking for, and hence is (sing it with me) laaaaaaaaaame.

On top of that, I’ve gotta get some social widgets installed with the hopes of adding to my five twitter followers and and the facebook and…and…and things. I need to link to the peoples’ sites I like. I’ve gotta get my world famous local advocacy resource page, Shredward’s List, posted. And what if you want to email me? Where’s the link for that?!

So, if you’re new to Mt. Shredward, please don’t look around and say, “I like the writing, but what’s this pussy ass design?” Don’t you worry. I’m super manly and after I intentionally crash on my bike so I’ll have scabs to pick and the resulting scars, I’m going to make this site way tough looking.

In the mean time, enjoy some reading. And as always, enjoy some riding. Myself, I’ll be hitting the Sierras this weekend for a riding/camping trip, so for the next couple days, Mt. Shredward’s going to have to fuck right off. I’ve got some granite to ride over.

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  1. Rivers says:

    Yeah takes a while to find a good template…good luck man. Hope you enjoy your new space.

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