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This isn’t really a mountain biking related post, other than the fact that it’s about the creation of what will eventually be the best, most popular destination for mountain bikers looking for always funny, sometimes useful, usually random observations about the most bad ass endeavor on two wheels and springs.

The header art work: LOOK! It’s me! And I’m on a mountain! And I’m on my old Gary Fisher Tassajara before I converted it to my street ride, after I got my Blur! Is it Mt. Shredward I’m ripping up? Of course it is. Every mountain I’m on is Mt. Shredward. That’s my thing.

I work in the advertising/marketing biz, so I know a lot of amazing graphic artists (among them the creators of this year’s Super Bowl logo, which I personally think is one of the sweetest ever), many of whom actaully owe me favors, since they’ve tapped me for my word skillz. Naturally I was thinking, “Hey, I should have one of those guys make me a logo that looks really professional! I’ll be a real player!” But, if there’s one thing I know about branding, it’s that your look should reflect your personality. I’m a janky, goofy bastard, so there ya go. I did the art work myself with my limited photoshop skills, and I think it’s perfect.

Some other progress that’s been made is that I’ve added the “Shredward Takeover Rides” section. As I’ve said, my thing is that if I’m on a mountain, it’s Mt. Shredward. So these will be chronicals of some of the rides I do. Eventually I hope to have cool gear so I can do video and all that shit. But as for now, it’ll be photos and GPS data, if a fellow rider happens to have it (or I may just link to similar rides on The Takeover Rides are going to kinda amatuer hour at first, but they will always include the most important thing: my genius prose. At first the rides are obviously going to be San Francisco Bay Area based, since that’s where I am, but eventually I’d love to have Mt. Shredward Riders (my readers) report from other regions. And when I get famous and wealthy, I will travel to regions and do the Takeovers personally.

I’ve also finally figured out to add some links to my favorite orgs and stuff.

So, things are happening on Mt. Shredward, and more is on the way, though I have exactly 0.0 Mt. Shredward Riders. But at this point, I don’t want any Riders. I’m not ready for them. One of the most exciting things, however, is that I haven’t really found any other sites that are like Mt. Shredward, that is, humor based, but hopefully thought-provoking and useful, rantings about the sport we love so much. I want this shit to be really wierd and stupid and fun, and not so serious. Because after all, if this stuff isn’t fun, why the fuck do it?


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