South Yuba trail vs. strippers

Ahh, how priorities, wants and desires change with time.

I’m getting married on May 8th, less than two weeks from the day I’m typing away on this little story. It’s my second marriage. My first marriage happened 11 years ago, when I was 26. Back then I had a pretty memorable bachelor party. My brother/best man planned a trip to Reno, and a group of buddies had bachelor party-type fun. It wasn’t law-breaking debauchery, but we drank a lot and did bachelor party stuff that involved women whose lives probably weren’t going exactly how they (and especially their parents) had planned. Pretty typical stuff.

This time around, I’m in a different place. And honestly, I’m glad about that. If, at 37, I were still looking for the same type of bachelor party I had at 26, I’d probably say my life wasn’t going exactly how I had planned; in terms of emotional maturing, anyway. But that’s just me, and how I see things for myself.

Case in point: for the second bachelor party of Andy Beach, my brother/once-again-best-man and I opted to take the biking route over the boozing and boobie ogling route. As fortune would have it, a riding acquaintance of mine was planning a big ride along the South Yuba Trail. Woo and hoo! My brother paid the check for lunch before the ride, dinner after and paid for the gas that was burned during the 6 hours of driving to and from the trail. Boom. Best man’s bachelor party obligations are done, and the bachelor is content.

Don’t get me wrong. I still love boobies. But these days, an epic ride is way more enjoyable to me than a night shoving hard earned cash into the thongs of topless women who may be simmering with projected hatred for me.

It was a ride well worth the long drive. It was also nice to wake up with sore legs and little energy as opposed to a really sore cranium and little money.

And my fellow partiers couldn’t have been cooler, even though they had no idea they were playing a role in a kinda special day for me.  I hadn’t met the vast majority of my co-riders, and those who I had met, it had only been once on a ride in Santa Cruz. But wow, what an awesome bunch. They were all strong and dedicated riders and really nice folks. I hope to ride with them again one day. And damn, what beautiful country we pedaled through together. The Yuba River was crystal clear. Wild flowers were everywhere. Even the poison oak was in its gorgeous red-green state. And to top it off, the temperature was right in that sweet spot for hard riding: low-to-mid 70s. Thanks to all the people and natural forces for making my bachelor party a great one that no strippers could have matched.

Here are some pictures. We did something like North Bloomfeld Road, Rim Trail, into an old mining town called North Bloomfeld, Missouri Bar Trail and then up and down and up and down the stunning South Yuba Trail.

About to bomb Missouri Bar Trail


Spectacular moss covered cliff

Even the poison oak was pretty


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