Today in, “guys who remind me I’m not that good of a mountain biker” and some other stuff

So, it hasn’t been that prolific a couple weeks here on Mt. Shredward, and today isn’t going to change that non-momentum much. But I ain’t sweatin’ it. It is interesting to note, however, that my lack of entries is correlating with a lack of good riding. We’ve had some rainy weather out here in Californ I A, I was on vacation for a week and I’ve been fighting a sinus infection (which my WBCs have about won). You should have seen some of the slimy green munitions I’ve been firing out of my double barreled snotgun. So even though I have been out for a couple rides, the quality has been less than epic due to retarded oxygen intake and processing.

The last ride I did was on Saturday in Henry Coe State park outside of Gilroy. I hadn’t ridden there in years. It’s a place notorious for brutal climbing, and it totally lived up to its rep, putting before me two-miles of wrong-facing gravity—much of it very steep—in the form of Lymann Wilson Ridge trail. It would have been a motherfucker in any state of health or fitness, but with respitory issues? Sheesh. Usually I’m way into a devastating climb, but in my weakened state, the hill was at a distinct advantage. I went all mother bird and fed the woodland creatures with my stomach contents three times. Bummer. It was a great sandwich. I can’t remember the last time I puked on a ride. But I’m stoked to get out to Coe again. There’s soooo much trail out there. The park is so huge, and the trails so many, that the maps are actually broken into regions, otherwise you’d have a bed sheet sized map to deal with.

Anyway, I don’t really have much else to say, nor a topic to dig down into at the moment. Right now my Blur is getting a long over-due spa getaway, consisting of having its forks into Fox for service and a total drive train replacement, chainrings and all. Not cheap, but it’s been three years since I’ve even had even the chain replaced. I’m sure I’ll have something to say about all that when I get my bike back.

But until then, I’ll do what I usually do when I can’t think of something cool to explore in the wilds of Mt. Shredward: steal someone else’s content and let you bask in the greatness of someone way better than you or me at mountain biking. Not only is the riding awesome in this one, the production value is super high and the Moab scenery grander than your great great grandpa. Coulda done with a bit less of the motion sickness inducing, constant forward and backward dolly shots, but really nice stuff. Credits are at the end of the vid.

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