Andy Beach, AKA Shredward

First, the name. It comes from a ridiculous alter ego I gave myself once when I was riding with my brother. My full name is Edward Andrew Beach, and as I was smoking my brother down a hill, a voice popped into my head: “You can’t keep up with Shredward Beach. Shredward Beach is too fast.” When he caught up to me, I told him that. We laughed. Now Shredward Beach has a website. He’s gonna tell you what’s up. He’s got a mountain named after him, too. It’s every mountain I’m on, bitches. They’re all Shredward’s. Actually, even if I’m not on it! Gimme that mountain, McKinley, before I run you over, pussy. Fuck you, Everest. That’s my mountain now. Even you, Diablo. I ain’t afraid of no Spanish devil. Shredward’s mountain now.

Yeah, Shredward can be a douche. But he’s alright.

Now, about the real guy: I, Andy Beach, am a longtime advertising copywriter and newbie mountain bike journalist. I live in San Francisco and feel incredibly lucky to not only live in one of the greatest cities in the world, but to also be surrounded by miles of amazing single track trail, running through stunning forests and leading up to amazing views of the lovely San Francisco Bay Area.

I’m also way into the urban off road riding right here within the city borders. We’ve got a lot of hills, and a decent portion of them remain uncovered by buildings and other concrete. What they are covered with is an ever-expanding network of trails, thanks to work of many volunteers, lead by groups like the Mt. Sutro Stewards and SF Urban Riders. The city is full fixies, so we in the SF urban riding scene are working hard on cancelling out their lameness by growing the dirt scene.

Ride on.

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