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Shredward’s List: The Web’s best resource for local/regional mountain bike clubs, advocacy groups, (useful) rider blogs and stuff like that.

Beyond my rantings, I want this site to be a go-to resource for grassroots sites out there. Help me out Mt. Shredward Riders! I’m sure I’ve missed a lot of groups and sites since I can only go through so many pages of Google searches. Email me if you want to add a link.

And while I’ve got ya, do some freakin’ trail work! There are a ton of groups on this list that organize that kind of thing, or at least know who to talk to about volunteering. Trust me, a sore back never felt so good.

Note: I won’t put tour companies or subscription based trail guide sites on the list. But I’d be happy to post some banners if you email me about buying some ad space.


IMBA National Mountain Bike Patrol

National Trail Guides
Trailsource (Global)
MTB Guru
Bikekinetix (Northeast US Trails and Bike Tourism)

Southern Off-road Bicycle Association (Southeast US Region)
West Alabama Mountain Biking Association
North East Alabama Bicycle Club
Alabama Mountain Biking
Birmingham Urban Mountain Pedalers (BUMP)

Arctic Bicycle Club

Mountain Bike Az
The Mountain Bike Association of Arizona
Mountain Bike Heaven
Southern Arizona Mountain Bike Association
Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists

Mountain Bike Arkansas
Ouachita Cycling Club
Ozark Off-road Cyclists

California: San Francisco Bay Area
SF Urban Riders
SF Dirtlab
Mt. Sutro Stewards
Mountain Biking in Henry Coe
Responsible Organized Mountain Pedalers

California: Northern
The Fish’s Mountain Bike Trails
Folsom-Auburn Trail Riders Action Coalition
The Ogre’s Guide
Online Book: “Singletrack Mountain Biking in Northern California” by Roger McGehee
Mountain Biking in Northern California
Mike’s Favorite Northern California Mountain Bike Rides
NorCal Mountain Bike Racing

California: Southern
Desert Mud
Pasadena Mountain Bike Club
San Diego Mountain Biking Association
Southern Sierra Fat Tire Association
Southern California Mountain Bike Site
Southern California Trail Riders
Mountain Bike Bill Trail Reviews
Over the Bars Mountain Bike Club
Southern California Mountain Bikers: Santa Monica
3F Bike Club: Orange County

Colorado Mountain Biking (
Trail Central
Colorado Mountain Bike Association
Grand Junction and Fruita Mountain Biking
Colorado Biking Trails
Mountain Bike Colorado
Colorado Plateau Mountain Bike Trail Association
Colorado Mountain Biking (
Overland Mountain Bike Club (Northern Colorado)
Arkansas Valley Mountain Biking

Ct Chapter: New England Mountan Bike Association
Busted Spoke

Delaware Trail Spinners

Southern Off-road Bicycle Association (Southeast US Region)
South West Association of Mountain bike Pedalers
Ocala Mountain Bike Association
Club Mud South Florida (South Florida)
Florida Mud Cutters (South Florida)
Ridge Riders Mountain Bike Association (Central Florida)
Airborne Mountain Bike Club (Treasure Coast)
Pensacola Off-road Cyclists

Southern Off-road Bicycle Association (Southeast US Region)
Ocmulgee Mountain Biking Association (Middle Georgia)
Ellijay Mountain Bike Association

Nothing? Not one mtb club out there?

Southwest Idaho Mountain Biking Association
Moscow Area Mountain Bike Association

Kickapoo Mountain Bike Club
Illinois Mountain Bicyclists’ Coalition
Shawnee Mountain Bike Association
Chicago Area Mountain Bikers
Peoria Area Mountain Bike Association
Rock Cut Trail Crew (Rockford Area)
Central Illinois Mountain Bike Association

Hoosier Mountain Bike Association
Northern Indiana Mountain Bike Association

Iowa Coalition of Off-Road Riders
Bike Iowa

Kansas Cyclists
Central Kansas Mountain Bike Club
Earthriders Mountain Bike Club (KC area)
Lawrence Mountain Bike Club
Trails of Kansas

Kentucky Mountain Bike Association
Kentucky Mountain Bike Trails

Louisiana Off-road Cycling Oganization (Shreveport Area)
Baton Rouge Area Mountain Bike Association

Maine Mountain Bike Association
New England Mountain Bike Association (Multiple Chapters in Maine)
Busted Spoke

Mid Atlantic Off-road Enthusiasts

New England Mountain Bike Association (Multiple Chapters in Mass)
Busted Spoke

Michigan Mountain Biking Association (Multiple Chapters)
Upper Peninsula Mountain Biking
Michigan Mountain Bike Racing

Minnesota Off-road Cyclists
Mountain Bike Trails in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Southern Off-road Bicycle Association (Southeast US Region)

Missouri Mountain Biker (St. Louis Area)

Montana Mountain Bike Alliance
Biking in the Flathead (Northwest Montana)

Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park (Boulder City Area)

New Hampshire
New England Mountain Bike Association (Multiple Chapters in New Hampshire)
Busted Spoke

New Mexico
Los Alamos Tuff Riders

New York
Concerned Long Island Mountain Bicyclists
Western New York Mountain Bicycling Association
Bike Long Island – VisionMTB

North Carolina
Southern Off-road Bicycle Association (Southeast US Region)
Triangle MTB
Tarheel Trailblazers (Charlotte Area)
Sir Bikes-a-lot (Wilmington Area)
Brushy Mountain Cyclists Club (Northwest NC)
Cape Fear Cyclists (Wilmington Area)
Southern Appalachian Bicycle Association
Greensboro Fat Tire Society
Blue Ridge Bycicle Club (Western NC)
Dirt Divas (Charlotte Area)

North Dakota

Ohio Mountain Bike Association
Central Ohio Mountain Bike Association
Cleveland Area Mountain Bike Association

Oklahoma Earthbike Fellowship
Southern Oklahoma Mountain Bike Association
Ada Cycling Club

Oregon Mountain Biking
Southern Oregon Mountain Bike Association
Central Oregon Trail Alliance

Mountain Bike Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh Off-road Cyclists
Valley Mountain Bikers (Lehigh Valley)
Pennsylvania Dirt
Nittany Mountain Biking Association (State College Area)

Rhode Island
New England Mountain Bike Association (RI Chapter)
Greenways Alliance of Rhode Island (Trail Advocacy)

South Carolina
Southern Off-road Bicycle Association (Southeast US Region)

South Dakota
Black Hills Mountain Bike Association

Southern Off-road Bicycle Association (Southeast US Region)
Nashville Mountain Bike
Northeast Tennessee Mountain Biking Association
Tennessee Mountain Bike Alliance
Chattanooga Bicycle Club

Mountain Bike Texas
Texas Mountain Bike Racing Association
South Texas Off-road Mountain Bikers
Dallas Off-road Bicycle Association
Austin Ridge Riders Mountain Bike Club
Brazos Valley Mountain Bike Association
Fort Worth Mountain Bikers Association

Utah Mountain Biking
Cycling Utah
North Ranch Mountain Bikers

Vermont Mountain Bike Association
Kingdom Trails (Northeast Vermont)
Stowe Mountain Bike Club (Lamoille and Washington County Area)
Montpelier Area Mountain Bike Association
New England Mountain Bike Association

Mid Atlantic Off-road Enthusiasts
Mountain Bike Virginia
Eastern Virginia Mountain Biking Association
Southern Virginia Mountain Bike Association
Damascus Virginia Mountain Bike Pages (
Cycle Va
Virginia Creeper Trail Guide
Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition
Charlottesville Area Mountain Bike Club
Quantico Mountain Bike Club (Active/retired Marines, family and Quantico area locals)

Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance
Cascade Bicycle Club
Whimp Mountain Bike Coalition

West Virginia
West Virginia Mountain Bike Association
Bike West Virginia
Mountain Biking in West Virginia

Wisconsin Off-road Bicycling Association (Multiple Chapters)
Wisconsin Biking (

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